How to repair windshield

How to repair windshields effectively?

Windshields, also called moons, lunettes or front glass, make up the part of the vehicle whose first function is to protect the driver and passengers without reducing visibility to drive. In the past they were manufactured in tempered glass, which did not allow to think about repairing windshields, but had to be replaced to preserve their properties.

The current windshields are manufactured in laminated glass, and its structure consists of two sheets of glass between which a layer of laminated safety polycarbonate is inserted. In case of an impact, they explode without releasing glass particles that, logically, could damage the occupants of the vehicle. Motorcycle windshields, on the other hand, are usually made of resistant acrylic.

How to fix a windshield, if possible

The way to decide how a windshield is repaired is to evaluate what type of break is what you should try to compose. In some cases it is not possible to make any repairs, either because it is materially impossible or because the damages are of such magnitude that, even if repaired, could compromise the safety of those who travel inside the vehicle.

Considerable damage near the windshield frame offers no guarantees when repaired, since the moon is not safe. It is also not advisable to repair chipped windscreens in the driver’s visual area, when there are two break points separated by 10 centimeters, or when the crack is deep and exceeds 45 centimeters in length. In all these cases a replacement of the moon is necessary.

How to fix windscreens in general?

To graphically explain how a windshield is repaired it is possible to detail that, usually, it is a transparent resin injection process, whose properties and consistency are special to fill and seal the space that is formed in the glass when it crashes.

Once the resin is injected, it is cured or hardened by exposure to ultraviolet light of 365 nm wavelength. In this way, the glass recovers almost 100% of its structural strength, and up to 90% of its clarity or transparency. You can repair all types of simple star, in addition to lines of up to 60 centimeters, but this in a specialized establishment. The most frequent breaks to be repaired with resin injection are those of bull’s eye, star, bat wing, an open line or certain combinations of these faults.

When and how to repair windshields that allow your fix

It is highly recommended to perform the repair as soon as possible, as this prevents the breakage from increasing or extending. On the other hand, it is only possible to consider how to repair windshields with open lines successfully if you proceed immediately, because the longer it takes, the more likely it is that the crack will become contaminated. In this case, even if it resisted the repair, it will not be completely transparent. It is necessary to make sure that the damage is located on the outside of the windshield, since if the break is in the inner layer or if it passes through the windshield, repair will not be possible. The way to verify where the damage is very simple, since the starry part is felt just by passing over it the finger or the nail.

Repair scratched windshield

After having considered how to seal star windscreens with the resin injection method, it is possible to imagine that this type of method will not be valid if the moon presents scratches. A scratched windshield is not only unsightly, it can greatly reduce the visibility the driver needs to move safely.

If the scratches are not too deep, they can be easily polished even at home, using cerium oxide. This element is especially suitable, because it becomes transparent when exposed to ultraviolet light or sunlight. In the event that the scratches are too deep, it would be better if the moon was polished in a professional establishment, although often the only alternative is replacement.