The windshield repair business in many markets is very competitive today. If you plan to start a windshield repair business like Clearview Auto Glass in Baltimore, you must have some ready commercial contracts. Also, you should be prepared to advertise, as this is the key to spreading the word about the broken windshield of consumers.


  1. Decide how large you want it to be the business you’re starting. If you’re looking to start a small windshield repair business in which you can work on your car and home care for others, it might just need a case of repairs and your car. If you’re looking to install a large tent to which consumers bring their vehicles, it requires much more.
  2. Find a place with windshields of all shapes and sizes you can send them to you quickly. You could decide to have windshields of all kinds on hand to offer them to consumers even faster.
  3. Focus on local businesses with large fleets of vehicles. Offer them special treatment, to seek a contract for the repair of their vehicles. The more commercial contracts you have for your business, you will have customers who come back to your store.
  4. List your business on local radio and print ads. Many consumers are unaware that insurance policies usually cover the cost of windshield repair. Teach this to people in your advertising and give them your phone number.
  5. Talk to insurance companies so you get the windshield repair work. Many consumers call their insurance agencies when they break the windshield before contacting a specialist in these repairs. If you establish relationships with insurers, could refer clients.