How to replace the windshield of the adjustment

How to replace the windshield adjustment. Windshield adjustment, or molding, supports the windshield in the frame by adding robustness and safety to the glass. It also helps seal the windshield from strong winds and rain.

Over time, the coating can wear out and must be replaced to maintain its effectiveness. If you want to try replacing the windshield adjustment yourself, you can buy the replacement setting of many auto repair shops. However, if the new setting is not installed correctly, your vehicle may be susceptible to weather effects, or the windshield may be loose.

  1. Put on your safety glasses. Insert a screwdriver or tool for removing the adjustment below the plastic edge and move it until you find the windshield mount. Gently turn the tool to loosen the clip and pull it carefully without scratching the glass.
  2. Pull one end of the windshield molding. You may have to cut into the molding to loosen it. Once you have removed one end, pull out the entire length of the adjustment all the way around the windshield frame.
  3. Clean the area around the molding. Look for loose debris, such as dirt or rocks that may have fallen on the trim track that will prevent you from installing the new trim firmly. You may also have to scrape the residual bits that ripped when you pull the old cutout.
  4. Insert one end of your new windshield trim into the adjustment track in the same place where it was one of the ends of the cut age. Push firmly into the slot.
  5. Push the rest of the molding on the track. Work slowly all the way around the windshield to make sure the adjustment fits properly. If you work too fast, you can damage the glass or not insert until the end of the adjustment, which will cause damage to your vehicle later.
  6. Insert the windshield mount back into the windshield to lock the seat in place.
  7. Gently shake the windshield. Feel it to see if it moves around everyone. If so, remove the setting and reinstall it. If the windshield still trembles, you may have to replace the urethane gasket.


Always wear safety glasses when working on the windshield.