How to replace your windshield wipers

Windshield wipers will never win a prize for their excellence. Nobody has seen a cool car go by and think “Wow. How cool those windshield wipers. “And let’s face it – none of us have thought about changing them until it starts to snow and rain. But that is the worst moment to recognize that we have cleaners that leave spots that obstruct our visibility.

It is a good idea to replace the cleaners every six months to every year. And although you’ve done it several times, a review would not go wrong. The most common cleaners are those that connect like hooks. Instructions to change them are below

Buy the perfect cleaners

The most important quality is the size. Be sure to measure both cleaners on the passenger and driver side because they are sometimes of different sizes. You can also find the correct size by going to the website of automotive stores and entering the year, make and model of your car.

It is a good idea to change the two cleaners at the same time. Even if only one seems worn out, there is a possibility that the other will not be too long.

Erect the cleaners

Pull the arms away from the car’s cleaners. Some may only raise about two or three inches from the windshield. If this happens, do not throw more. Try turning the engine on and activating the cleaners and then turning the engine off halfway so that the cleaners are halfway off.

When the wiper arm is perpendicular to the windshield, look for a locking tab to hold it in place. It should be at the base of the cleaner. You do not want the metal hook to hit the windshield when you’re changing the arm.

Remove the old cleaners

Rotate the cleaner perpendicular to the arm. You will find a tab that fixes the cleaner to the arm. Pull it or press it to release the hook. When it is released, push the cleaner towards the arm. Then you can slide the cleaner out of the hole in the hook.

Install the new cleaners

Start with the cleaner perpendicular to the arm. Insert the arm hook through the hole and around the cleaner. Pull the cleaner firmly until you hear a click. Remove the lock that keeps the arm vertical and slowly lower the arm. Test the cleaners to make sure they are safe. One last tip-wash your windshield every time you add gas to your car. Scrubbing all dead insects and other debris gives your windshield wipers a break and will last longer.