How to Repair Windshields

A small chip in the windshield of a car or windshield, can become a large crack easily, which will ultimately need replacing the windshield. Fortunately, windshield repair kits are available at auto parts stores. These kits usually have all the necessary materials to repair the chip.


  1. Clean the area around the chip with the glass cleaner and a paper towel, or use the cleaning wipes if supplied with the kit. Allow the area to dry completely.
  2. Drill the hole in the center of the adhesive disc that comes with the kit. Peel the backing adhesive onto the glass and place the hole directly on the chip.
  3. Remove the glue on the side outwards. Place the pedestal that came with the kit on top of the adhesive disc.
  4. Insert the syringe into the pedestal. Make sure it is seated firmly on the pedestal.
  5. Use constant pressure to pull the plunger out of the syringe to suck all the air out of the chip. Push the plunger down slowly and evenly to fill the chip with the epoxy. Repeat 10 times.
  6. Allow the epoxy to dry for 30 minutes. Leave the syringe on the pedestal while you wait.
  7. Remove the syringe and cut the glass pedestal with a razor blade together with the adhesive disc. Clean the surface again with glass cleaner or wipes provided.