How to replace a Volkswagen windshield

How to replace a Volkswagen windshield. Volkswagen has roots that date back to 1937. It has produced such popular vehicles as the VW Beetle and the VW bus. Like those of other car brands, Volkswagen windshields are not impervious to damage.

The windshield can suffer cracks or splinters due to flying debris. This may require replacing the windshield to maintain visibility and prevent further damage from the expansion of cracks in the glass. Replacing the windshield of a Volkswagen is not an easy task, and for this you need help.

  1. Cut the old rubber on the inside of the windshield of the Volkswagen to eliminate the inner lip.
  2. Loosen the rubber from the metal body and lift the glass and rubber out.
  3. Clean the contact surface of the car with alcohol to remove dirt and old rubber parts.
  4. Apply soapy water to the new windshield gasket and the metal of the car to make them slippery.
  5. Place 14 gauge with multi-strand wire insulation in the joint gap that fits inside the car.
  6. Put the windshield in place. With one person pressing the windshield from the outside, another has to pull the inner lip inside the car and over the flange using the wire. If the gasket is not suctioned on the windshield seat or if the lip is not more than the inner flange, adjust the windshield or start again.


  • Windshield installation is a job of two or three people.
  • Getting the board on the windshield can be a laborious task.