How to replace a Ford windscreen

How to replace a Ford Windshield Wiper Blade. Over time, the windshield wipers wear out in your Ford Tempo, due to use and / or aging. Traveling with cracked or damaged wiper blades can pose a hazard to driving if you are in rainy weather and the blades are not cleaning the rain on the windshield. Replacing the wiper blade assembly in a Ford Tempo will take only a few minutes to complete.

  1. Look for the retaining clip on the top center of the windshield wiper blade of your Ford Tempo. Slide a screwdriver under the clip and lift up.
  2. Slide the old wiper blade assembly to the sides to remove it from the retaining pin until it is clear of the dowel and discard the wiper blade assembly.
  3. Remove the new brush for your Ford Tempo from the packing and slide the retaining pin on the cleaning arm through the hole in the center of the blade assembly.
  4. Check that the wiper blade assembly is fully seated on the retaining pin and push the clip down onto the pin until it is secured.
  5. Through 4 for the other wiper blade assembly.